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Vinyl flooring gives you so many options.  Pick from just about any color and pattern. It can mimic stone, wood and ceramic flooring.  Pick from different textures smooth to pebble. 

It is durable.  When installed properly it can last for years. We trained through a certified Armstrong technician . We install using inlays, perimeters, heat welding, full spread and loose lays. 

Vinyl flooring is resilient.  Most flooring today has a aluminum oxide finish to resist scratching and wear from high traffic.  It is soft, comfortable to stand on and quiet. 

It is easy to clean and hygienic.  Disinfectants and sanitizers can be used for cleaning.  Great for those who have allergies or asthma and families with small children. 

Vinyl flooring is economical.  It is less expensive that many other types of flooring. If the cost of wood, stone or ceramic is more than you care to spend look into vinyl.  It is three dimensional and has similar patterns. 

Let us show you the potential of vinyl flooring.